My sketchbook is littered with bizarre doodles, paintings, and collages, which embody both me as an artist and an individual. I wanted to bring the exploratory and spontaneous nature of my sketchbook to my portraiture. As the pieces progressed, I emphasized unity, contrast, depth, and rhythm in my compositions. Although mixed media is used, I maintained elements of continuity throughout my series through the form and proportion of my hatched pen portraits. I used written text to emphasize texture and line, while simultaneously adding a narrative quality to each piece.  In 1-3, I experimented with combining a few materials in an abstract way, playing with repetition and a few simple layers.  In 4, I realized that I wanted to create a stronger narrative in each portrait, and became more selective in the elements I included in each piece; materials were added for their potential in connecting with the individual.  In 5-7, I also began to play with creating more depth through additional layers, overlapping, and the integration of scale differences. I created more sophisticated positive and negative space relationships through the  shape and texture of my thoughtfully placed writing. In 9-12, my compositions and intent to tell a story fuse together to form a cohesive, rhythmic narrative.